Artist Statement

I had the good fortune of growing up in a house where both of my parents were artists.  They nurtured in me a love for beauty.  And it is to beauty that I have dedicated much of my time searching for and trying to give voice to this elusive element.  Early in my art studies, I recognized kindred spirits in this love of beauty with the ancient Classical and Hellenistic sculptors of Greece.  The sculptures of the Parthenon in particular inspired me with their grandeur.  In them is a wonderful balance between the mind and the eye, what we are and what we behold, Heaven and Earth.  These great works of visual poetry remain both exciting and challenging.

The subject matter of my work often reflects the places where I have lived.  Growing up on the Jersey shore and spending my summers swimming and surfing left me with a sense of the grace and power of the sea.  Living in the Mid-West has inspired more grounded agrarian themes and a growing spiritual awareness.